Lock Folder and File Without any Software

Lock Folder and File Without any Software Require

Lock your Folder without any Software,Theire is Two Way to Lock Your File and Folder.

1) In-Built Permission Setting (Discuss in above Post)
2) By .bat file

2) by .Bat file

 i am create a .bat file download this file from this link

Note : Do not Change any Name of Folder in Download File or Folder and First of all Try on Black file and Folder

How to Work this

Step 1 : Download Rar File on Your Desktop.

Step 2 : After Download Paste bat File on Your Desktop.

Step 3; All description and how to use Detail is in PDF file which is guide to you.

Advantages : 

1. Good Designing this bat file.
2. No one can See Your Password.
3. You can Update Your Information Easily.
4. You can Lock File and Folder Both.

Disadvantages : 

1. Only Master of bat file creator is Unlock your File and also see your Password.

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