How to Set Custom Domain in Blogger

Set your Own Custom Domain name in Blogger

Custom Domain Set in Your Blogger.com To Own Domain (For Example myblog.blogspot.com to Myblog.com

When you PurchaseA Your Own Domain on Godaddy.com,Bigrock.com Etc.Then Set up is Same way.
Now I Saw a Set Domain With Godaddy.com. They Assign a IP Address (A Record and CNAME Record) For the Domain.

1) Login Into Account In Godaddy Account And Click On "Domain".

2)Then Click On Lunch.

3)Go To DNS Zone.

4) Click On Add Record.

5) Then Select A(Host) And Enter Data below it.

6) Then Select CNAME(Alias) And Enter A Data.

7)Enetr URL in Blogger And Save.

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